Endometriosis and Getting Pregnant

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Endometriosis is a common cause of infertility in women. Learn about the symptoms and how endometriosis can be treated at QFG so that you can get pregnant.

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Shahrin Rahman . 2019-02-08
That was simple. Too bad he is not in NYC. 😥
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Badmus Jemeelat Omowunmi . 2018-12-21
I'm suffering for Endometriosis and feeling seriously pain anytime when i have my period
I did my operation one years ago i even try to get pregnant but he doesn't workout I'm fed up of this pain please can someone help me out ?
121 2 . Reply
Paula M . 2018-11-20
Hey, this is unexpected, yet quite good. If there's one thing to add is that if you happen to follow Dobbie Nerkstrol's suggestions, you can boost your fertility and get pregnant within 4-8 weeks. Try googling her to see if it makes sense to you as well.
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Asanache Ionela . 2018-07-04
Pregnancy cure endometriosis?
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Betsy Tom . 2018-01-20
I had my larascopic surgery was one year ago. And I just got pregnant for 6weeks now. I somehow feel pain on and off around my incision area.the keyhole area.
121 2 . Reply
Jasmine Garcia . 2017-11-01
I started having really bad pain in 2010 on my freshmen year of high school I was in an out of hospitals and clinics. The hospital I go to didn't do anything but proscribed pain killers. I was suffering every month for the past 6 years I didn't know what was wrong with me and why I was in really bad pain when I got my period. Until last year 2016 I had a giant cyst the size of tennis ball it was getting ready to pop and i had to go to surgery that exact same day. Thanks to the clinic I was going to I have stage 4 endometriosis and it sucks it's not curable at all and I'm stuck with that for the rest of my life.... I hope one day I can at least have one baby btw I'm 21 years old I been through so much this past years
121 2 . Reply
Carmen Rodriguez . 2017-08-22
After making efforts to have a baby for 3 months, I decided that I must try something new. Luckily, I found “www shocking vubu” (Google it) and tried it The plan is great at assisting you study your periods and signs to notice your body`s distinctions. I am heartening my friends to try to plan. You can learn further by getting to Google.
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Ruan Pretorius . 2017-06-13
Disсоvеr Hоw tо Rеvеrsе Infеrtilitу аааnd Gеt Рregnаnt Аlmоst Аt Аnу Аgе, Еvеn If You’vе Тriеd Еvеrything Аnd Nоthing Hааааs Еvеr Wоrkеd Fоr Yоu Bеfоrе
Cliсk Herе -->https://twitter.com/9b7e19512eee5d182/status/822770638867734530
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Nats- lovely . 2017-04-26
i really need some help i cant take this pain anymore n no pain killer seems to stop the pain
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Nats- lovely . 2017-04-26
At first them tel me i have pid pelvic infection them give me two weeks antibiotic to take the next month there was the pain again i go back to the gynecology i tel them the pain was still there them said the pid was no longer there them found fluid and cyst them give me two week pills again i take all the antibiotic the pain get worse go to the hospital in the night because the pain was unbearable the doctors at the hospital keep me for the night in the morning them call my Gynecology to get some information from him about me. Him tel them to keep me in the hospital n give me pain killer s after all of that. Them do the ultrasound the doctor tell me thats i dont have cyst anymore but i still have fluid in my flippin tube after been diagnosed a week ago before my cycle. Now i go see him yesterday n this is all his going to tell me. that his sorry he done his best him cant help me because him dont know what is causing the pain.I have this pain every month before my cycle and after my cycle I'm tired of it
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Ɲ3ҲƬƓ3Ɲ 正 . 2016-10-12
Hey guys, The best way to reverse infertility and get pregnant naturally that I used was with Megans magic pregnancy (just google it) Without a doubt, the most helpful program that will finally help you get pregnant.
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kll yapa . 2015-02-03
Hello! Have you considered - Ponta Miracle Pregnancy (should be on google have a look)? I have heard some incredible things about it and my brother in law got great results with it.
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