SCAMMERS are Everywhere in CHINA!

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Traveller beware, China is a wonderful place to visit but you are very likely to get scammed, and not just the occasional traveller, everyone! Knowledge is Power, and even if you live here you have to be on your guard. Scamming is a part of daily life in one way or the other, but armed with this knowledge, you should be able to avoid the worst scams and have an amazing experience travelling throughout China.

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    Popular Comments:

Jay Brown . 2019-01-23
Great information!
121 2 . Reply
Ben Kwan . 2019-01-23
These are not isolated incidents, People have tried using similar scams on me in Rome, Madrid, Dubai and Paris. There are nice people around the world and there are BOZO's everywhere as well. Just travel with caution and be aware of people who approach you. I got ripped off by a great looking blonde in Texas. It happens.
121 2 . Reply
It's an infinite life . 2019-01-23
You can not call an elephant a pillar just by looking at its leg
121 2 . Reply
Balamy Majestic . 2019-01-23
Go back to your country white trash fucker
121 2 . Reply
Colani Tower . 2019-01-23
Same scams as in Greece, Morocco, and Amsterdam
121 2 . Reply
Eugene M . 2019-01-23
Fucking locust
121 2 . Reply
David Kershaw . 2019-01-23
I've been in Shanghai now for many months and previously 2 holidays and there are very few stories of scammers however when I went to Beijing however the culture was a lot more cold and I felt I was being scammed otherwise I feel this video is unnecessary scare mongering
121 2 . Reply
ben hart art . 2019-01-23
a good rule of thumb is to take a pretend mobile fone and wallet with fake currency inside, have your real fone and wallet secure in your backpack which you carry on your chest
and under NO circumstances do you engage with anyone trying to sell you things, oh and uber if possible, or take a photo of the taxis credentials when you get in the taxis
also helps if you pack your brain :)
121 2 . Reply
palethia minerva . 2019-01-23
you dont seem like you do well with children.. i hope you have none
121 2 . Reply
l wang . 2019-01-23
you are literally just exaggerating the dark sides of China. Just because China has scammers doesn't mean it is a horrible country
121 2 . Reply
syr200512 . 2019-01-23
1.00 dollar = 7 Yen If you don't bargain, you die, if you accidentally leave something expensive in a normal cab, 97% of the time, it's gonna be gone. I got relatives in China so this is not a problem but for those who don't have relatives, be carful, China has a semi-weak government system so they can't control their people very well. I'm not saying that you shouldn't go to China, just find a safe place to go to, like Nanjing, Purple Crystal Mountain. That's where my old house is.
121 2 . Reply
ZENOIST2 . 2019-01-23
At least you wont risk getting beheaded by a muslim fanatic.
China takes a hard line with immigration and amazingly enough has practically no muslim terrorist attacks.
Poland does too despite taking in a LOT of immigrants from the Ukraine mostly and has almost zero terrorist attacks.
How can this possibly be when diversity is our strength?
PS god bless Poland and keep flying your flag !!!!!
121 2 . Reply
NPC11082356 . 2019-01-22
So cheating and scamming is integral in Chinese society? Good idea to outsource all our business to them!
121 2 . Reply
LONE WOLF777 . 2019-01-22
So China is just like the rest of the world. America likes scammers so much we elected one to be our president.
121 2 . Reply
La Vienrozy . 2019-01-22
So sad. But I think this happens everywhere, not just in China.
121 2 . Reply
TRICK-OR TREAT . 2019-01-22
121 2 . Reply
Anne Corey . 2019-01-22
It don,t look good that you being scammed by the lady or a guy sad thank you for sharing be careful next time. Good luck next time.
121 2 . Reply
Luke Bulman . 2019-01-22
the kids in the back at 12:00 lol
121 2 . Reply
nivlek loen . 2019-01-22
That is their culture
121 2 . Reply
ALoonwolf . 2019-01-22
I know, there's these two guys who ride around on motorcycles, making videos to convince gullible foreigners that they should spend all their money on a return ticket to China. Of course the picture they display is completely different to what YOU get in reality.
121 2 . Reply
NewFlamenco . 2019-01-22
The worst I heard was back in 2005, a friend walked to the back of the taxi to put his baggage in it and the guy drove off with it after he closed the trunk. The bags had his phone, etc. They got into his phone somehow, and texted everyone on his list saying "I lost my wallet and need money to get home! Please send 1000 rmb (180usd?) to my account (number)." A lot of people sent money, and so the scammers made around 20,000 rmb off his friends. The phone story aside, after that we skipped any taxis drivers that didn't get out of the vehicle. It still annoys me living in other countries when taxis drivers don't get out, which is virtually everywhere. Anyway, our backwater city had maybe 100 westerners living there, and yea, a lot of them ended up on billboards; always shitheads running around snapping out pictures.
121 2 . Reply
J KEIMEL . 2019-01-22
must have walked 10 km .. i'm tired watching
121 2 . Reply
mow COW . 2019-01-22
SCAMMERS are Everywhere in the world. You Racist
121 2 . Reply
Debajit Pal Choudhury . 2019-01-22
Same things happens in many Indian cities . Even many times we Indians are scammed while visiting Delhi , Agra etc.
121 2 . Reply
Erin Laemmle . 2019-01-22
Assembled in China! Invented by Europeans! Europeans don’t eat fucking dogs! Discusting! 💩🖕🏻💣
121 2 . Reply
Erin Laemmle . 2019-01-22
121 2 . Reply
Jocelyn Choong . 2019-01-22
Thank you so much, absolutely informative!
121 2 . Reply
5060northernmama . 2019-01-22
Love how clean it is, the birds are singing, the people are wandering through the side streets. Amazing.
121 2 . Reply
Paul Jiuwa . 2019-01-22
I immediately subbed to this channel because I want to be prepared if I will ever go to China and I love the 007 suit love your vids my dude.
121 2 . Reply
ying zhu . 2019-01-22
its mostly like some travel tips i i think. it happens every country when u are travelling. For me as a chinese i got 1 time pickpocketing happened in london subway. 1 time dagger robbery in NY ally. leaving some terrible experiences to me. but i never had same things in china as i lived 36 years here. normally local chinese know the prices and they will bargin. shopkeeper and some privite sellers think western travellers dont know the normal prices and they will double or even triple it.
also some more tips for you:

1, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are immigrants cities, more commerial, more money, more scammers, specially for past decade. now their security are getting MUCH more better than before. Better try Beijing or Shanghai as a traveller not a businessman. businessmen keep going to G&S because they love fake branded items there.

2,Dont dressed so officially going to bus stations or some low-income communities and keep videoing yourslef. even a chinese in a suit goes there, keep recording yourself, other walk-bys will stare at you. chinese are normally introverted, they will fell curious about those who do same things in public area. you will attract all the scammers within 5 kilometers around you.
121 2 . Reply
Darren Deng . 2019-01-21
I honestly don't know why you are making those statements so certainly, I mean, how long have you even been in China LOL? Don't try to make yourself look like an expert and know so much about the culture, it's really misleading TBH. Again, does China have those problems? yes, but it's nothing like "oh wow, it's baked into the culture or some BS like that". I know it's always nice to get more views on your video, but not in this way dude. And people, do not get fooled by this man LOL
121 2 . Reply
Shadow Shinobi . 2019-01-21
Appreciate the info. Is sub, but you come off as kinda racist and not humble. No offense.
121 2 . Reply
MrChan951357 . 2019-01-21
there is nothing real in China but scammers
121 2 . Reply
Coastal Patios 1 . 2019-01-21
When the scammers in China would ask me where I was from, I used to say 'Hell'. Ha ha. Thanks for the great upload! I don't miss living in China at all
121 2 . Reply
Yaro Aram . 2019-01-21
So if I manage to protect all my belongings at all times and never trust anyone on top of avoiding the hilariously corrupt police force while I am in china I can have a nice time there?
I think japan just got a lot more enticing or just follow the trend and go to Thailand :D
121 2 . Reply
bd3n21 . 2019-01-21
try Paris, France now, good luck...
121 2 . Reply
檸檬柑桔 . 2019-01-21
tell your friend those watches were sold at RMB15-30 to me (haha~~but it was 10 years ago). I don't visit Mainland China anymore because it is not safe. Go to TaoBao for shopping. Save your energy to bargain with uncivilized people.
121 2 . Reply
AlexanderPews . 2019-01-21
I think its crazy how many look back at him in the video like "wtfff he is superstaaar!"
121 2 . Reply
circlebamboo10000 . 2019-01-21
You’re a racist piece of shit!
121 2 . Reply
AfricanFlightStar . 2019-01-21
Interesting video for sure, basically just reinforced my views of Chinese culture 😆😝
But I'm curious - why did you move from SA to China? I'm also British-South African, now living in USA, and I've never thought that moving to China wld be a fun experience. In fact it's about the last place I'd want to go to. Anyway, be interesting to know. Stay safe out there 💥👍🏼
121 2 . Reply
Joi Ezra Jumamil . 2019-01-21
121 2 . Reply
2PacPRNDL . 2019-01-20
15:39 rip him
121 2 . Reply
Huang Yuxuan . 2019-01-20
Idiots don't go to China.
121 2 . Reply
Sir Lance Goodthrust . 2019-01-20
Who the fuck would want to visit a shit hole disgusting, polluted, stinking, scam cesspool like this ? The people there are incredibly rude, disgusting and extremely racist. People are dying to leave China .. and you want to go and stay there? Are you serious? I wouldn't visit that vomit filled, corrupt hell hole if you paid me
121 2 . Reply
Allan Peda . 2019-01-20
The wallet scam, I got that when I went to City College here in NYC. All familiar scams.
121 2 . Reply
Allan Peda . 2019-01-20
I would always haggle in Canal street in NYC back in the late 1980s, always. And the first customer superstition was a hint my italian grandmother told me, so it's not just Chinese.
121 2 . Reply
TumblingDice44 . 2019-01-20
also the taxis will charge you more when it is raining and say its because of the "rain tax" and if you protest the police will not help you
121 2 . Reply
Frank Lord . 2019-01-20
Time to back home, where everyone is an angle, even night is not dark.
121 2 . Reply
emigrate . 2019-01-20
The earliest and biggest scammers were the East Indian Corporation and Hudsons Bay companies, effectively the British Empire. They were the greatest drugs trafficers and dealers.
121 2 . Reply
Go Mo . 2019-01-20
London scammers are the best :)...dont forget they go door to door with all kind of stories abusing the kind hearted people. I mean, funny how you make china sounds scary, and your self said they hardly have violent crimes. Once again, violent crimes happen on daily basis in place like London New York etc, people get mugged at knife point, or simply beaten and robbed, people even end up killed...on daily basis. But speaking on the scam thing, in places like London there are lot of legal scam going on. Lots of fake agencies in employment that do not sort you a job but just trick you to sell you certifications, especially in areas like Care, Hospitality etc. ...You mate shall go back and explore your own country, lots of people will be thankful to see your nice overviews on specific topics that matter to fresh londoners :)
121 2 . Reply