Witchery Explained: Episode 12, Coven Witches and their Quests!

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Minecraft (Award-Winning Work) Survival (Media Genre) Games (TV Genre) Video Game (Industry) Plays Season Alive Map Minecraft felinoel Survival Low Gameplay Let's Play Pack Outdoor Life Second Full You Let Once Time Again Could Mean Album Live Mod Magic Witchery Modded Modded Minecraft How to Tutorial Tutorial (Media Genre) Video Game Culture Ritual Magic Chalk Rituals Circle Magic Rites Coven Witch Coven Seer Stone Rite of Infusion

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heyits_josh . 2018-12-07
121 2 . Reply
Šimun Crnković . 2017-11-19
I have The same glitch with that unknown coven Witch If you lose all coven that glitch Will still stay so don't worry about it it is good.
121 2 . Reply
Freshest Hobo on the Street ! . 2016-11-02
if you want an altar with 10k+
then use a dragon egg and an infinity egg
enough with this (how to get 1k altar power)
I made a solution
-From one of the soldiers from the derp scout army
121 2 . Reply
marcelo eduardo . 2016-09-14
ae you splenic better than others youtubers the guy does not explain right
121 2 . Reply
KayPea Bee . 2016-07-30
How did you make those nifty stalls you have in the corners? I really like them
121 2 . Reply
FrostOwl Second Channel . 2016-05-11
when i Right click a coven witch it only say your not interested me
121 2 . Reply