The Best Way To Organically Kill Fire Ants!

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Ever want to know how to kill fire ants organically. THIS is the best method period. We show you how to use cold pressed orange oil to defeat fire ants in your garden while protecting your veggies from harmful chemicals.

Find it here: http://amzn.to/2Hth24K

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Jeff Flanigan . 2019-01-22
Thanks, I was already planning to try the orange oil and appreciate all the tips on use. Talking with people over the years, I've been amazed at the ineffective methods that folks swear by. In my area a favorite one (absolutely does not work) is grits. A former employer ordered me to apply dry grits on a 50 acre property to "kill" fire ants. When he asked about the result I told him, "The ants said, 'next time cook them please, they taste better that way'". He didn't seem amused.
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RealRinoHuskerDu . 2019-01-13
I mix a half cup of white vinegar in with a healthy squirt of dish soap, all in a gallon of water. Kills em dead as a hammer.
121 2 . Reply
Jude Alberts . 2018-11-19
does this kill your grass?
121 2 . Reply
Lynnm1956 . 2018-10-19
Here in NW Louisiana we have crappy soil which is actually clay. So even though we can get grass to grow the worm population is minimal. I have found to just sprinkle BORAX on any ants, red or piss ants or carpenter will kill them off. Takes a little bit of time, couple of days but they either die or move away off the property. Dont know & dont care as long as they are GONE. Yes it does kinda burn up the grass/weeds too, but it will eventually grow back. Not worried about aesthetics. Want ants gone period!
121 2 . Reply
jazz3911 . 2018-10-11
Does lemon oil work the same as orange oil?
121 2 . Reply
Dadu63 . 2018-09-21
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Sa kA -ga Rꜥ . 2018-09-18
We have a tiny, slower fire ant population infesting our fruit orchards in hawaii (the 'super-tiny slow but quick to fully infest everything wood' reds). They don't bite, but they drop & roll on you, transferring poison from their bodies to yours, and it hurts/burns and welts like fire! Only thing that works for us is tango mixed with peanut butter. We put a dob of it in a plastic water bottle or pvc pipe with plastic or tape over one side (keeps rain out) open side down secured to trees or areas where they roam. They climb in, grab the bait and take it back to their queen. Pretty sure it's toxic and not organic, but none of the tango peanut butter mixture gets on the fruit; it only goes back to the queen. This has to be done every 4-6 weeks for a year and hopefully no more fire ants after a year's worth of doing this. It's a huge problem in HI, esp. Big HI, but this seems to do the trick. Ya just gotta keep on it every month for a year. Your situation looks much easier. I like the orange oil!
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SingMySong . 2018-08-18
Country Living....thanks for this information, I appreciate you sharing. Also, concerning the Bifen, I saw it demonstrated wonderfully on the vid, How to Kill Fire Ants Dead, by Texas Prepper. But I am looking for something organic to rid them from my home, I think they are living in the walls/ceilings and wanted to put a diluted compound on a cottonball or dryer sheet, insert in places they might be entering and repel them out of the walls. This orange stuff just might work. Thanks, God bless.
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Jim Allen . 2018-07-10
Just makes them move. Orange oil is no guarantee.
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Roselight Cafe . 2018-04-22
Does it kill the grass also? Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
john g . 2018-04-20
Now take a shovel and turn the mound over to se if millions of ants scurry out?
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Howie Lane . 2018-04-20
Oh My Goodness! Go to a dollar store near you. You have to find one that stocks a product called "Sweet Thing". It's a sugar alternative in a lite blue box. The sugar it self contains a neurotoxin that affects the ants. For a dollar you can put a few coatings on the ground and the ants feed the queen and they soon either move out or the queen gets enough dose of the stuff and their gone. No more nasty expensive stuff in your soil. Don't disturb the ants just lay it down thick and let them find it. Experiment with the stuff and find what works for your area. Great after it rains and the ground is dry enough to where the ants come out hungry.
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snoop furlow . 2018-03-21
Orthene 97
121 2 . Reply
sgtlewisbond . 2018-03-08
Nice video
121 2 . Reply
sgtlewisbond . 2018-03-08
I’ve not tried on insects yet , this pure cold pressed orange 🍊 oil works on smelly drains and cleans inside house very well. 🤫😱use sparingly it appears watery , isn’t.👍
121 2 . Reply
DNTME . 2018-02-01
They're not "guys." They're girls. Even the so-called soldier ants.
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Francis Lim . 2018-01-28
All insects including ants breathe through their skins,any oil including cooking oil mix with water kills ants but it’s a lot cheaper by just pouring hot water,boil a big pot of water and use a scoop to scatter around the ants Hill.
121 2 . Reply
Ken W Anderson . 2018-01-13
Tried finding "countrylivingexperience.com" and shows to be offline or closed now. How do I find the pure orange oil that you recommend?
121 2 . Reply
Chris Sensel . 2017-10-22
great video. thanks brother, will try it.
121 2 . Reply
Greg Egan . 2017-10-01
Ever try diatomaceous earth? Completely safe to humans, can even eat it, but deadly to ants.
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Joseph Seeley . 2017-09-09
Just to note, there are some other effects. Orange oil will kill most fungi and bacteria, so can negatively affect the soil food web above and beyond the harm to worms that you noted. I'd tend to say that it's still worth it to get rid of the fire ants, but it's something to be aware of.

There is another method for getting rid of fire ants I stumbled on at our farm in the Philippines. That was building a good environment for red crazy ants. Crazy ants don't bite or sting, and will outcompete fire ants for all the available food sources if given a good place to build their homes nearby. There's other upside (soil structure, polination) and downside (pest to livestock/poultry, domesticate aphids) to red crazy ants ... but they're definitely better to have than fire ants.
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allen coble . 2017-08-19
awesome and informative especially about when they are ready
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Baldwin . 2017-05-28
Have you tried vinegar and vegetable oil? Seems like it would work as well. An acid with a binder to stick to the ants.
121 2 . Reply
Adam 1984 . 2017-05-23
The evil governments of the world are spraying chemicals in the sky !
do a research on Chemtrails and weather control.
121 2 . Reply
Dave . 2017-05-23
That is great to know, thanks for sharing your findings.
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