Mugwort Experience Review

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Hip Hop Artist- Jarmel Reece gives us his honest review of his experience with the herb Mugwort that inspiried his new single. Share and Subscribe for more updates.

Check out my Ayahuasca review here: https://youtu.be/KyVYQeSj5zg

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    Popular Comments:

Tangela . 2019-02-11
You are very sexy. Thanks for sharing your experience.
121 2 . Reply
Vallis Daemonum . 2019-01-29
Very enlightening!
121 2 . Reply
Jacquelyn Israel . 2019-01-27
I Just go mine in the mail along with Bay Leaves, Frankincense and MHYRR
121 2 . Reply
Jacquelyn Israel . 2019-01-25
121 2 . Reply
Kitty Comb . 2018-12-20
Got u r so sweet! Bless xxx
121 2 . Reply
Jason Voorhees The Slump God . 2018-12-10
Dope vid bro
121 2 . Reply
Rollin' High . 2018-12-06
Where did you buy the mugwort in this video? And what kind like? Dried?
121 2 . Reply
Sentient Potato . 2018-11-23
Awesome! I had no idea anyone else knew about this. I'm in 8th grade and there's this pretty big community in my school of people that have discovered the recreational and enlightening properties of mugwort (which I am proudly a part of). We don't buy our herb, instead we harvest it where it grows naturally and we prepare it for the best smoke possible. We take off the leaves and sometimes the flowers of select "strains" of the mugwort herb best for smoking and thujone levels, dry them for a little under a day (or keep them slightly moist for the highest possible potency), and then chop them up with blunt scissors to the point where the herb is soft, finely chopped, and almost frayed. This guys go all out with the herb and the community keeps getting bigger. It just kind of makes you feel like you're super calm and mellow and in another world and it makes it so much easier to connect with people and think about things. I'm relatively new to all of this, but this seems to be a very isolated community and no one in it thinks anyone else knows about this, but damn I guess they're wrong!
121 2 . Reply
Swillz TV . 2018-11-10
121 2 . Reply
llama sniper11 . 2018-11-02
This video helped so much, been trying to get into weed alternatives and mugwort's sounding pretty good haha
121 2 . Reply
Maame Harris . 2018-10-17
121 2 . Reply
Keith Bridges . 2018-10-14
This herb will make you hallucinate very mildly, and only when you are in a sleepy state. However you could technically still be awake and in a sleepy state. The dreams will be insane either way, and sometimes you will find yourself waking up but not really woke and still seeing creatures everywhere. I'm being serious.
121 2 . Reply
Matt Klinger . 2018-09-28
I got a lb on Amazon for like $17. I just smoked some and it's definitely very calming. Helps me sleep n meditate. Also helps me remember dreams.
121 2 . Reply
Jay Switalski . 2018-09-21
Just ordered some of Amazon. It was worth it. This herb helped me with my anxiety.
121 2 . Reply
atomicsnowflake . 2018-09-11
When I have mugwort tea before bed, I’m having vivid dreams all night and I wake up feeling as though I’ve been busy all night 😂 it’s a weed where I live in the UK, so I go out to gather it then dry it at home.
121 2 . Reply
Bazooka Choppa . 2018-09-08
Can u die if you smoke 2much or pass out or sumthing . whatz the amount that should be smoked
121 2 . Reply
Jay Switalski . 2018-08-21
Thanks for the review. It's something that's very new to me. After the whole k2 incense frenzy, I was a little worried about using mugwort.
121 2 . Reply
Ursula McVey . 2018-08-21
You don't even have to spend money on it! It is one of the most common weeds, that grows around here in Cleveland at least. I make smudge sticks out of it and use them in the house and it is defiantly very calming, I'm always in a much better mood after burning it.
121 2 . Reply
2lowkey100 . 2018-07-25
Great review man, I’m gonna order some today.
121 2 . Reply
Patrice Stackhouse . 2018-06-19
Please share your Ayuhuasca experience wit us! Love your content Brotha!
121 2 . Reply
Sunny Miller . 2018-05-09
Dope 💯
121 2 . Reply
Cee Renee . 2018-05-09
121 2 . Reply