【Blade & Soul】Forcemaster Animation Cancel Test at 100ms

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FM Anicancel Lb/Rb

You can see it's pretty inconsistent, but still doable. I get ~100ms with Mudfish and around 129ms with no ping booster. When both Lb and Rb come out at the same time, I'm anicancelling correctly. Sometimes I get it, but half the time the Rb does not register and doesn't fire the Ice Palm, giving no chill stack. This is with 0 skillpoints in Lb or Rb.

general mobile e tab 4 mdm kald?rma

ip vurma

isyanqar26 enerji kesintisi

huzuni kurulum

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simple tv kanal ekleme

minecraft kazan ne ise yarar

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atarikafa mod paketi

minecraft hamachi server kurma 1.8

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blade and soul bns forcemaster fm anicancel animation cancel

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Haa ha gaasaday . 2017-01-16
400ping here and i can go much faster..
121 2 . Reply
Jhonata Martins da Costa . 2016-07-31
how does this mudfish works ?
121 2 . Reply
Rupom141 . 2016-03-07
i getting high ping everywhere :( ..even in JP servers
121 2 . Reply
Rupom141 . 2016-03-07
omg you are still playing ... :v
121 2 . Reply
Ben Mason . 2016-02-27
How do you learn to do this
121 2 . Reply