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Are you the most passionate fan of Big Bang Theory? Find out top 20 things you totally missed on The Big Bang Theory! We gathered the most interesting facts about Big Bang and it’s actors just for you. Watch the video to find out about the Big Bang Theory details hiding behind the meaning of numbers, names and people. All Big Bang Theory mysteries gathered in one video. Every Big Bang Theory detail we came across is on our video. Don’t miss a chance to discover Big Bang Theory small details about Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Penny and other characters. We will reveal all the Big Bang Theory secrets.

1. The power of 73 - 0:23
2. Howard’s room - 1:26
3. Guess the instrument - 1:49
4. What’s wrong with Penny? - 2:21
5. History of Bazinga - 3:24
6. Tickets for the show - 3:58
7. Sheldon’s YouTube username - 4:12
8. Big Bang Theory & Flash - 4:30
9. Bernadette’s voice - 4:55
10. Math, thou art a heartless B**** - 5:44
11. Penny's refrigerator - 6:11
12. Halloween costumes - 6:30
13. Catchy song - 7:02
14. The title changed - 7:48
15. We can be heroes for more than a day - 8:29
16. The secret affair - 8:54
17. The sound of the Big Bang - 9:45
18. Raj's biggest fear - 10:17
19. Young Sheldon - 10:33
20. BBT & Doctor Who - 11:00

Catch up on the latest Big Bang Theory easter eggs. Get the Big Bang Theory moments with the most surprising details you missed. TBBT TV moments on the show with easter eggs you didn’t notice are in our OSSA video. Find out more fun TV details about Rajesh Koothrappali. We have an easter egg from each actor, including Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco and Kunal Nayyar.

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OSSA . 2018-08-02
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What other shows should we feature next?
121 2 . Reply
Coby amar . 2019-01-17
in young sheldon. sheldons dad is leonards bully in the big bang theory
121 2 . Reply
Ελένη Γκόνδρα . 2019-01-17
Penny's full first name must be Penelope. If you watch the episode in which she was addicted to video games in season 1 or 2 (can't remember), you'll notice that the name she gave to her character was Queen Penelope
121 2 . Reply
Lazy Frog . 2019-01-16
"Leonard played the violin" that's a cello
121 2 . Reply
Molly Blake . 2019-01-13
Lenord played the cello NOT the violin
121 2 . Reply
Talicie . 2019-01-12
Sheldon´s Flash t-shirt has been worn during the seasons. In season 1 it was like brand new, and now in season 12 it´s really worn! Love that detail :)
121 2 . Reply
Falcon Flame . 2019-01-12
Penny’s full name was revealed in the episode where she got addicted to Age of Conan. ‘Princess Penelope AFK’
121 2 . Reply
rhirhi 190 . 2019-01-07
We have the big bang theory and young Sheldon I need little Leonard 😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
GT Nismo . 2019-01-06
To me, the most amazing thing about the Big Bang Theory is the scripts that they had to learn. Especially Jim Parsons. His scripts are crazy complicated.
121 2 . Reply
GT Nismo . 2019-01-06
Actually, Pennys last name is Hofsteader (now).
121 2 . Reply
Mushroom Manager . 2019-01-05
121 2 . Reply
Kim Devonport . 2019-01-01
You forgot about the view outside Leonard and Sheldons living room windows. It is actually a photo of Pasadena
121 2 . Reply
Sam awesome ness 1272 . 2018-12-30
1 thing I know is those stairs are only 1 set of stairs when the people say cut they walk back down and the people change a few things in the sene
121 2 . Reply
Malena & Keenan . 2018-12-29
Her real name is PENNIWISE LMAO
121 2 . Reply
Ethan Basti . 2018-12-28
everybody loves the year they were born actually..
121 2 . Reply
thomas swarbrick . 2018-12-27
its a chello not a violin that Leonard Hofstadter plays, keep up with your own video
121 2 . Reply
Fish Bum . 2018-12-25
I hate Bernadette's high pitched voice.
121 2 . Reply
Dave Ainsworth . 2018-12-23
#19 is Young Sheldon? So one of the "Details I totally missed on the Big Bang Theory" is the entirely different show that they have been advritising for almost 2 years. And has been on the air for over a year. I can't believe i missed that. I must have blinked during every one of the 10,000 commercials that play during the Big Bang Theory. Thanks for pointing that one out!
121 2 . Reply
ಪ್ರಶಾಂತ . 2018-12-18
The person who played Sheldon's father in young Sheldon
also appeared as Lenard's friend in big bang theory who used to humiliate Lenard in his high school
121 2 . Reply
BRAIZANATOR 123 . 2018-12-15
Pennys last name hofstader penny is married to Leonard
121 2 . Reply
Samuel pyke . 2018-12-15
Leonard played the violin with Leslie
Me: its a cello
121 2 . Reply
Hapurpan . 2018-12-11
12 hidden facts eh?
121 2 . Reply
Marcus Engstrom . 2018-12-10
I'm pretty sure I've heard the word bazinga before the big bang theory
121 2 . Reply
david sayre . 2018-12-10
too many commercials. goodbye
121 2 . Reply
karen sheline . 2018-12-08
This was a GREAT compilation of clips. I actually learned something about my favorite characters!
121 2 . Reply
courtney mcgarru . 2018-12-05
Did penny and lerland in real live then doesn't anyone know??????😂x
121 2 . Reply
Stefan M . 2018-12-04
Watched a few seconds, STOP WITH THE FKING BACKGROUND MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Gregory Thomas . 2018-11-29
Utterly left out the Chuck Lorre vanity cards at the end of every TBBT & YS shows.
121 2 . Reply
Castoffio . 2018-11-27
I just have to say some of the facts are wrong. Melissa Rauch Stated in the last video I watched that she Raised the pitch higher during the audition. She felt because her character was a catholic girl scientist that lived with her mom and because her characters mom pretty much dressed her everyday that she wanted to have the voice sound kinda kiddish. And A good full name for Penny would be Penelope Ann Barrington. Good video though Thank You.
121 2 . Reply
Joe Williams . 2018-11-27
It says they found 20 in the title but only 12 in video wtf
121 2 . Reply
l down . 2018-11-26
Johnny Galecki didn't learn to play the cello for the show,he already knew how
121 2 . Reply
SuzyQ 52 . 2018-11-24
Okay, Gilbert, Galecki & Metcalf on Roseanne. Galecki and Bialik on Blossom. Katey Segal and Cuoco on 8 Simple Rules. Leonard's bully Lance Barber is the Dad on Young Sheldon.
Laurie Metcalf plays TBBT's Sheldon's Mom. Her real life daughter Zoe Perry plays the Mom on Young Sheldon. Jerry O'Connel is Sheldon's older brother on TBBT who is connected to Will Wheaton in the movie Stand By Me. Oh... 1 more: Kathy Bates is Amy's mom. She guest starred on Mike and Molly where Billy Gardell was Mike and also is the neighbor of the Cooper's.
121 2 . Reply
ZeuS DN . 2018-11-23
Well this video is embarrassing but the other stuff was useful.
121 2 . Reply
Lucia Guadalupe Barrios Varela . 2018-11-20
I thought penny’s name is penelope because of that one episode where she gets obsessed with online games and her gamer name was queen penelope
121 2 . Reply
Shri Krishna Arts . 2018-11-18
U missed one ...sehldon once Skype with amy mother but the lady showed there was not the same character as when Amy got married
121 2 . Reply
Harsh Rathore . 2018-11-16
There is a scene where Raj speaks in front of Penny without drinking before he was cured. Can you add that.
121 2 . Reply
Emush Samson . 2018-11-13
The whole reason I watch Sheldon is because I was born in 1973
121 2 . Reply
Monique M . 2018-11-13
watching this and knowing more than this guy talking haha
121 2 . Reply
eriox1224 . 2018-11-12
Did he really say "Comic Con Convention"??
121 2 . Reply
maddad17 . 2018-11-12
Penny's last name is given when her family comes for the second wedding there last name should be hers.
121 2 . Reply
Aeliator . 2018-11-12
Cisco on flash not only wears a bazinga shirt but also wears sheldon Rock Paper Scissors lizard Spock and rubics cube shirts
121 2 . Reply
Rechelle White . 2018-11-10
Sheldens the reason why i watch both shows also his gay and its amazing i love it
121 2 . Reply
Marni Milankov . 2018-11-08
Her name is Penelope as she makes reference during her gaming phase- "Queen Penelope is AFK"
121 2 . Reply
Will in New Haven . 2018-11-08
Leonard plays a cello not a violin.
121 2 . Reply
Nebula . 2018-11-07
Leonard played the cello
121 2 . Reply
E W . 2018-11-07
comic con is short for comic convention. you are basically saying comic convention convention like three time during that video. please stop that.
121 2 . Reply
Someone Somewhere . 2018-11-07
“Comic con convention” = comic convention convention
121 2 . Reply
bossfan49 . 2018-11-06
Which is more annoying...the cheesy commentary, or the unnecessary music that is so loud it almost overwhelms the cheesy commentary?
121 2 . Reply
Lalita Naaram . 2018-11-06
Good God! Even Leonard says that he took lessons for CELLO not violin..🤦
121 2 . Reply
hki cgh . 2018-11-06
I swear I just looked at my phone battery percentage and guess what? 73%
121 2 . Reply