DIY: Kill Fire Ants For Good!

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Bengal Fire Ant Killer is a superior product that I use to control fire ants at the hill bed level. It works over night and I do not have problems with another bed popping up nearby the next day like I do with many other ant baits. I've been using this powder for years with great results.

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    Popular Comments:

m g . 2018-10-22
Ive used this stuff and they just moved
121 2 . Reply
Muniz_World . 2018-10-06
What about carpenter ants?
121 2 . Reply
m g . 2018-05-05
I live in south Georgia and i have been trying to get rid of my fire ant mounds for years and no matter what i do they always rebuild
121 2 . Reply
wang tie . 2017-10-17
121 2 . Reply
Leo The kid . 2017-10-08
Wrong because the solonopsis gemineta or invicta that's there scienctific name for fire ants . As they make tunnels and chambers , they airate the soil so the plants and grass can not have fungul problems in the soil, and give healthy root for plants or grass system
121 2 . Reply
thenitenurse22 . 2017-03-04
I have a dog who is curious, is it safe for people who have pets?
121 2 . Reply
AJ K . 2017-01-16
Surrender also works good
121 2 . Reply
James . 2016-12-13
after using it to get rid of the mount use a fire cracker
121 2 . Reply
Robert Clark . 2015-10-05
I use Bengal it WORKS. You use WAY too much. I would have churned them up with a stick and used about a teaspoon. Doesnt take much at all. A can ladts me at least 2 years.
121 2 . Reply