Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

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A Quiet Place is a great movie! We loved it. But like all movies, it still has sins, so we did what we do and pointed them out in a video.

Thursday: Adventure sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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    Popular Comments:

Christopher Erazo . 2019-02-18
0:47 got me dying
121 2 . Reply
PurpleDevil11 . 2019-02-18
Her hearing aids made my hearing aids squeel!! Ouch!
121 2 . Reply
JC1978 . 2019-02-18
Nit-pickiest cinema sins ever...
121 2 . Reply
Pizza Gamin' . 2019-02-18
Wait a damn minute, how do they use the bathroom without farting or something?
121 2 . Reply
Kyle Connor . 2019-02-18
They should have set up radios or speakers around the area to lure them away or something
121 2 . Reply
Justyn Orellana . 2019-02-18
You retard the raccoons get eaten bitch
121 2 . Reply
burgerツ . 2019-02-17
Whys this guys voice so annoying
121 2 . Reply
aesthetic junix . 2019-02-17
Was that the demogorgon from stranger things
121 2 . Reply
sapper72783 . 2019-02-17
Taco Tuesday is no more what's the point of living after that
121 2 . Reply
Dax5 . 2019-02-17
The most overrated and stupid movie I have ever seen.
121 2 . Reply
Amber xox . 2019-02-17
Am I the only one wanting to know where Marcus is at the end? Like okay mum and sister are killing everyone in the basement but if he’s in any other part of the house he’s dead😂👏🏻
121 2 . Reply
YaMumsRollin Pin . 2019-02-17
Bird box:
A sequel to a quiet place
121 2 . Reply
Angela Peebles . 2019-02-17
How do you let him keep the plane
121 2 . Reply
Mile . 2019-02-17
Am I the ONLY person who HATES this movie?
121 2 . Reply
Some Randome Person Mahoney . 2019-02-17
The nail was the main vilan
121 2 . Reply
Zorro del Demonio . 2019-02-17
I was hoping for the kid to pull out a cut-off arm from the corn xD. I remember this happening in another movie, but I can't remember which one. I think it was one with piranhas or sharks XD.
121 2 . Reply
Zorro del Demonio . 2019-02-17
Promise me, Ned.
You will protect him.
121 2 . Reply
Waninki . 2019-02-17
I really like this movie though
121 2 . Reply
Frances O'Connor . 2019-02-17
How would you pee?
121 2 . Reply
Jack Fincham . 2019-02-17
Why dont they attack newspapers blowing in the wind
121 2 . Reply
Eric crow . 2019-02-17
"I'll assume that's raciest" Lmfao! Got a good chuckle out of that one.
121 2 . Reply
Spartan 336 . 2019-02-17
I would if loved go have seen how all this went down at the start with the military and things
121 2 . Reply
The mystery man Studios . 2019-02-16
Yep kids are the biggest sin in this movie
121 2 . Reply
FL3X . 2019-02-16
Boi just get Ariana grande to sing in to a mic. The high pitch noise would expose the weak spot
121 2 . Reply
Watermelon Spice . 2019-02-16
It’s not a hearing aid it’s a cochlear implant
121 2 . Reply
Jose Boi . 2019-02-16
I know that they have an amazing hearing but how the hell did the monster not run into a wall when its in the house? Or let alone a tree in the middle of a forest? Lets not forget, theyre blind.
121 2 . Reply
SHADOW . 2019-02-16
Pretty sure that kid wanted to die on purpose
121 2 . Reply
Mermaid Auleulle . 2019-02-16
I was not ready for that nail, I was so not ready for that nail.
121 2 . Reply
JoAnna Haupfear . 2019-02-16
Sin 19:

Throughout the movie you can clearly see they have solar panels. Not to hate, but come on now! You examine the movie so close. How did you miss that!
121 2 . Reply
Tomplayz gamez . 2019-02-16
I’m glad the kid got killed he would fuck everyone else
121 2 . Reply
DevinCotto18 . 2019-02-16
8:55 I think the creature heard that sound from that far off because the “waterfall” wasn’t loud like the actual one Lee and the kid were at. Clearly you can hear the sound difference in them. When you listen and watch this scene, the water isn’t loud but when you watch the actual waterfall scene, it’s loud so that they can talk
121 2 . Reply
The Gaming Chris Matthew . 2019-02-16
121 2 . Reply
3rdeye Brand . 2019-02-16
@0:49 i literally cracked up to that sin haha
121 2 . Reply
i want to die . 2019-02-16
Still better than bird box
121 2 . Reply
MoonLight . 2019-02-16
"full on fuck you mode" me when someone pokes me
121 2 . Reply
kitrana . 2019-02-16
the least believable part of this movie was that noone thought to try and stun these things with like flash bangs or something.
or use their stupidly amazing ability to hear the quietest of noises against them. like we know how to fuck up bats if we really wanted to it wouldn't be that hard for us to figure out these guys are sensitive to ultrasound.
121 2 . Reply
Meme Boi . 2019-02-16
Im pretty sure the Dad could just throw a rock from the opposite side so the monster goes for the bait...

Or is jus me...
121 2 . Reply
Spencer Williams . 2019-02-16
I like a lot of your videos, but I disagree with a lot of the sins in this video. You acted like sound is a beacon that calls them to you. That's not how they work, you would take every precaution not to make noise, but if you did make a noise, you wouldn't instantly die.
121 2 . Reply
Mohammad Hazara . 2019-02-16
Why not tie a speaker to 2 ropes. As high as they can from the ground. Each side tied to a high place, ex: about 100m far from 1 another.. high enough so that they cant reach it... in the outcome, they would be under the speakers, unable to reach it..
A high Pole (-----100m------Speaker-------100m-----) High pole
121 2 . Reply
Etrigan . 2019-02-16
I was watching dead meat and they made mention of the people who made the movie paying the town to make all that corn and even constructed that silo
121 2 . Reply
Wither Tumbler2 . 2019-02-16
121 2 . Reply
Ashna Ram . 2019-02-15
121 2 . Reply
Matthew Hunter . 2019-02-15
still a really good movie despite the sins
121 2 . Reply
Matthew LeRoux . 2019-02-15
I am disliking this video for the sole reason that you did not remove sins for Lee's heroic death.
121 2 . Reply
Gigglegal320 . 2019-02-15
Yaaaay so glad you guys sinned this movie & BirdBox. I liked this movie more than BirdBox but both movies had so many issues = sins!!
121 2 . Reply
Jas Baklinski . 2019-02-15
This probably the first everything wrong with episode I really didn’t get anything out of.
121 2 . Reply
Rofee305 . 2019-02-15
Much respect for ending with a removal of sin
121 2 . Reply
bigjake423 . 2019-02-15
Ok I do agree with the removal of a sin for the ending BUT let's add on about 8 considering we know for a fact they will run out of ammo at some point. So final Sin Count 80.
121 2 . Reply
CGAA Stories of Recovery from Video Game Addiction . 2019-02-15
You didn't come close to citing "Everything Wrong". You didn't even catch half of it.
121 2 . Reply
Oh yeah Yeah . 2019-02-14
And nobody was able to capture this creature and test on it Like scientists and the military And find out their weaknesses And nobody else found out the Hearing aid thing almost 8 billion people and no one figured it out
121 2 . Reply