Advion Fire.Ant Bait - Eliminate Lawn Fire Ants

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I've tried several different products to. rid the lawn of fire ants.Wanted to share the product that I think works best and that represents the best value.

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P Hernandez . 2019-01-22
Thanks, Ron..You have a beautiful lawn by the way!!
121 2 . Reply
Prateek . 2018-08-18
You should build a fence on your yard
121 2 . Reply
Danny Herring . 2018-06-30
My brother-in-law retired and started a small landscaping service. I used several different products in my yard with poor response and asked my brother-in-law what was the best he had found. He had half a container in his truck and gave it to me two years ago. WOW!! This stuff works GREAT.
121 2 . Reply
Shawn Ding . 2018-05-15
After watching this video, I bought one pack online. It does NOT work! Fake product!
121 2 . Reply
lance hunter . 2017-08-01
man fuck that lawn bullshit... Where is the rs?!
121 2 . Reply