How to Get Rid of Fire Ants (4 Easy Steps)

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This video will show you how to get rid of fire ants in four easy steps. Whether you have fire ants in your yard, garden, or house, these steps will help you kill fire ants quick and easy!

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First, be sure that you have fire ants because they require a different treatment method compared to some other ants. Start by identifying the fire ant and inspecting your property for fire ant mounds and activity. Keep in mind, fire ants are more frequently found in the southern portions of the United States.

Fire ants can be anywhere between a sixteenth of an inch up to a fourth of an inch in length. They have three body segments and will have a reddish-brown color.

Be sure to inspect your property for fire ant mounds. They are easily identified as a large or tall mounds of dirt built above ground, usually found in turf grasses, landscape beds, and gardens. If you disturb the mound, you will alert thousands of workers that will come to the surface and attack anything they come into contact with. Also, fire ants forage in the early and late evening hours so check around then for activity.

1) If you have positively identified fire ants, then chemical control should be your first line of defense. Start by treating the mounds that you found around your property. Be sure NOT to kick or knock over any of the mounds. You could scatter the colony, causing them to relocate, and make control more difficult.

Drench the mound with a liquid insecticide like Reclaim I/T. This is a powerful insecticide that will help you get immediate control of the ant colony. Mix Reclaim with water in either a pump up or hose end sprayer, making sure follow your label directions for the mix rate. Drench the mound thoroughly so that the insecticide can penetrate deep into the colony and reach the queen.

2) It’s likely that there were fire ants away from the colony, foraging in the yard, while you were treating the mound. For complete control of your turf grass, we’ll use Bifen LP. This is a granular insecticide that will take out any fire ants that were not exposed to the Reclaim, and it will control many different turf pests.

Load a spreader with the Bifen granules, making sure to read the label for the proper spreader calibration and application rate. Spread the Bifen evenly over the entire yard, and water the granules in when you are finished.

You can also use a bait such as Extinguish Plus. This is a granular bait that acts as both a stomach poison and an insect growth regulator. You will put down small bait placements throughout the yard where you have noticed fire ant activity. The fire ants will pick it up and take it back to the nest where it will poison the colony. The bait will be ruined if it gets wet, so make sure to apply on a dry day when rain is not expected come.

3) You’ll want to treat around your house to kill any fire ants that made it inside and to create a barrier to prevent them from entering. First, use FiPro Aerosol Foam.

FiPro is an insecticidal foam that is great for crack and crevice applications around the structure. You can apply FiPro around windows, doors, and entry points into the structure.

4) Use D-Fense dust to treat any other voids around the structure. This is a waterproof deltamethrin dust that will kill the fire ant on contact. You can use the tip included with the bottle, but it is easier to use a duster.

After performing this control plan, you should start to see noticeable improvement within a couple of days. Be sure to re-apply the Bifen granules every 3 months for continued control and prevent fire ants from re-invading.

If you follow these steps, Solutions guarantees you 100% that you will eliminate your fire ant problem.

If you have any questions or would like more advice from out experts, reach out to us by phone, live chat, or email!
(800) 479-6583

Thanks for watching!

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Thomas Cline . 2018-09-28
I have had execlent imediate results. Termside spray mound, poke holes in the mound then fill holes with termiside.
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are you guys in florida? I have a really bad fire ants problem in the front and the back yard EVERYWHERE
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Do you guys sell topchoice or no?

I hear it's a restricted use chemical
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