Minecraft Mods FTB Infinity Evolved - STABILIZED SPAWNER [E47] (Modded Expert Mode)

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Automatically killing the Wither Boss is solved, but now we're having to farm up Wither Skeleton Skulls manually! Let's figure out a way to increase our production of Wither Skeletons, gather a Mob Soul and check out Draconic Evolution's Stabilized Mob Spawner to really spawn in a lot of these guys!



FTB Infinity Evolved v2.3.5
Seed (BIOMESOP): 1953523551015847854


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    Popular Comments:

nbtaterbug34 . 2019-02-16
i need help i have the same spawner but i have problems with the mobs glitching through the wall and not dying by the spike. they keep getting out. someone pls help
121 2 . Reply
DjGrimmace . 2018-11-27
My powered spawner is soooooo close to spawn stuff. Is there a way I can speed it up?
121 2 . Reply
ALEX MARTIN VLOGS ! . 2017-02-17
bro i just started feed the beast on my pc your really good on minecraft do u have a wizard wing jw
121 2 . Reply
theret quentin . 2016-08-23
i got a pb on my inifinity evolved game i didn't get any wither skeleton mobsoul after killing 5k wither skeleton wither reaper 5 and i got a wither in a soul vial but when i put in a powered spawner there is only normal skeleton pls help me -.- (by the way the wither skeleton drop me every drop possible for a wither skeleton but his name is skeleton is this normal?)
121 2 . Reply
TheUnknownAK . 2016-07-04
Sadly can't put any Reaper enchantment on my diamond spikes. I can put basically anything else on them but that not Reaper :(
121 2 . Reply
Tsavorite Prince . 2016-03-16
Life always needs work but like lemonade, it is unpleasant without sugar.
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Smith . 2016-03-07
I can't help but notice that the game is quite stable for you. I want to play this pack so bad but even getting 70 fps it feels like I am getting 20 with a constant state of lag. Lagometer shows major tick rates. Would you be willing to share your secret? I have tried everything.
121 2 . Reply
Simon Siler . 2016-02-06
you should add a EnderChest so when the chest fills up it can go directly to your me system
121 2 . Reply
Tom Jensen . 2016-02-06
Here's a challenge, make a dragon farm
121 2 . Reply
Datin NieZaidi . 2016-02-06
+Hypnotizd You should be a comedian on every video because you are so funny!
121 2 . Reply
Matthew Ferreri . 2016-02-06
You can setup an autonomous activator with a cleaver enchanted with beheading. You can set it up with a capacitor and the use a charge filter and conduit to auto send to energetic infused and back
121 2 . Reply
Epsilon . 2016-02-06
Why get draconic power storage when you can craft a creative energy cell :)
121 2 . Reply
WeaselOnAStick . 2016-02-06
Hypno, type ench. name in NEI to search for items that have it on
121 2 . Reply
Pink . 2016-02-06
do the agricraft diamond seeds, just require the ore below the core block
121 2 . Reply
OldSoul . 2016-02-06
Since the Wither Skeletons are considered Undead, wouldn't it make more sense to put Smite V on it instead of Sharpness V?
121 2 . Reply
soulecho230 . 2016-02-06
Hypnotizd-- last I knew, the autonomous activators from TE won't work with cleavers. Unless I'm wrong, you're going to want to research and make the Dynamism Tablet from Thaumic Tinkerer.
121 2 . Reply
Hans Meep . 2016-02-06
I dont like the video....

I love it!!!
121 2 . Reply
silent_crimes . 2016-02-06
great vid hypno. tht mob farm idea sounds awesome. keep up the good work.
121 2 . Reply
Dillon Mistry . 2016-02-06
666 likes ohh no
121 2 . Reply
Bora Lexuis . 2016-02-06
what metarials did you use in your crossbow and bolts?I really wanna know :3
121 2 . Reply
ForfeMac . 2016-02-06
Hey Hypno, You should do the Pseudo-Inversion ritual.
It'd be a nice diversion from all the crafting you do each episode.

Not that I mind the crafting.
121 2 . Reply
Feed The Chunk . 2016-02-06
How about using Bees to get diamonds?
121 2 . Reply
akeny1 . 2016-02-06
hi Hypno
121 2 . Reply
SIgaming . 2016-02-06
corporeal attractors should fix your issues
121 2 . Reply
Ljeo . 2016-02-05
What did you use on your crosbow? Witch fluids/Materials whatever xD
121 2 . Reply
KyleMcclure527 . 2016-02-05
Can You Shout Out My YT Channel ? KyleMcclure527
121 2 . Reply
HossKirkland . 2016-02-05
You can repair Bibliocraft chases with the Thaumic Restorer.
121 2 . Reply
lee rumming . 2016-02-05
could u possibly get a wither and ender dragon soul?
121 2 . Reply
TKGPYT . 2016-02-05
I noticed the obsidian blocks don't get destroyed when you resurrect the dragon. Maybe encasing the quartz pillars in blastproof blocks would save you having to rebuild it each time?
121 2 . Reply
DeathsFinalYoutube . 2016-02-05
If you do a cleaver you can make it entirely out of unstable or stable ingots and It will be unbreakable sk you can have more beheading modifiers
121 2 . Reply
Chris MacNeil . 2016-02-05
I thought the reason to do the extra blocks at the dragon fight was because the heart was already awakened for the time it takes it to charge so you didn't need the 16 cores. you can put the blocks out and charge them without using the cores on the heart first.
121 2 . Reply
Samuel Sandeen . 2016-02-05
You can make diamonds from coal with IC2.
121 2 . Reply
joemen13 . 2016-02-05
Get into ae because like that you can auto craft all of those blocks while your importing all the required materials.
121 2 . Reply
Mokay . 2016-02-05
so can you update us on minecraft vanilla , pls hypno if you start another series which is vanilla i think you would have fun an you don't have to worry about views , however i do love this series 100% so you might not want to do it already . if you are having fun and we are , continue
121 2 . Reply
Garion . 2016-02-05
you still could go on and kill the Chaos Dragons ,since they spawn in really predictable areas you dont need to search so much (just fly a bit ... every 10.000 blocks there is a chaos island ) ,they drop 4 hearts... wouldnt cut your diamon supply so heavy.
121 2 . Reply
Anrijs Veidenbergs . 2016-02-05
For fastest ways to get wither skulls, you can make scythe out of magical wood, it has 11 modifyers in default, if you add 3 more you can make beheading X, Looting III, chargable and I think there was place for some quartz too.. it has 100% head drop and it's aoe.. I think using Ender IO filter for chargable items it's super easy to automate charging..
I'm pretty shure you don't need 999999 wither skulls, but was cool idea to work on for me :)
121 2 . Reply
SoniX SoundS . 2016-02-05
Hypno cant you use your railcraft mob spawner setup from monster. It was awesome!!
121 2 . Reply
Ross Ballard . 2016-02-05
Hypno why not make a big spawning tower where the current one is
121 2 . Reply
RapGeneral . 2016-02-05
Auto activator + beheading 10 sword and then use a servos and item ducks + energetic infuser, and you are set. 1 stack of school for minute...
121 2 . Reply
Midnight F1ame . 2016-02-05
it's 2% chance of getting a wither skeleton skull
121 2 . Reply
Pietro Ansini . 2016-02-05
use coal to create diamond with ic2!
121 2 . Reply
michiel daalder . 2016-02-05
you can also go to the chaos island and get 2 dragon hearts for killing one dragon !!
121 2 . Reply
Hyvapelaaja Gaming . 2016-02-05
are you brittish
121 2 . Reply
The K Man . 2016-02-05
Nice glasses. lol
121 2 . Reply
Bill Argiropoulos . 2016-02-05
try a multi spawner. draconic spawners (even for cultists-void seeds+books) enderio spawners and mfr.
make a couple of witch max level drac spawners because they produce drops that are useful and can produce great ammounts of power if they drop enough. lastly, check out making more spikes or draconic grinders or other killing methods.
if you want unbr cleaver try all parts mag wood or ender core for ins amounts of modif and one part with the highest unbr for saving on modif later. or try rf capacitor on the tool. also try for some mobs fall damage. last but not least more cursed earth.
keep up the daily uploads with the good content. goodbye from greece!!!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
koenjules . 2016-02-05
What modifiers does your crossbow have?
121 2 . Reply
Mokay . 2016-02-05
hey hypno , what did you think about the fine bros doing , would you care or not ??
121 2 . Reply
Vincent Prattinger . 2016-02-05
Use the extrautilitys conveyers, mobs dont fight them and its cheaper than a portal
121 2 . Reply
Random LV . 2016-02-05
Hypno Make draconic armor topos
121 2 . Reply
NoWiredGaming . 2016-02-05
I want 1.8.9 modded all ready xD feed the beast 1.7.10 is so last year 2015 we 2016 lol
121 2 . Reply