NoFap Hair Loss Repair? using natural products Saw Palmetto 2nd update!!

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It's been about one mouth and two weeks NoFap and I'm starting to see a little progress. I have been drinking 100% grape juice, 100% vegetable juice and a lot of water lately. I still use 100% coconut oil to massage my hair and scalp. I did used the onion a few days before I wash my hair with water and red vinegar . I started taking Biotin and Saw Palmetto every night before bed and I think this method is working. So thanks for watching and let's see what happens next..

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Nofap 2017 update hair loss repair hair loss regrow with saw pl

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Joe Schmoe . 2019-02-16
"Yeah my dawg... I just want to make this video in between stealing this buggy from Wal-Mart and pushing it through the park back to da crib!"
121 2 . Reply
Akhi Hussein . 2018-12-30
Use rice water
121 2 . Reply
jimbo slice . 2018-05-17
How u doing with the hair loss?
121 2 . Reply
Raymond Mirandilla . 2018-01-22
Any update bro? We're curious what is your situation now.
121 2 . Reply
varnika varnika . 2017-12-08
What is Rozefatrun Method? I've noticed numerous amazing things about this hair loss home remedy.
121 2 . Reply
Candice Torrez . 2017-11-29
Timothy how many milligrams of saw palmetto do you take or recommend? And how long was it before you seen results of taking it? Thx
121 2 . Reply
taylor cox . 2017-11-12
thanks for sharing. wish you the best. try peppermint oil warm up message it in your scalp for 1 minute before you go to bed. shampoo & condition next mrng. hope this helps.. love ya
121 2 . Reply
Akshit Raj . 2017-07-27
brother any update ??
121 2 . Reply
james dean . 2017-06-27
bro u want ur hair back? go to Walmart and get minoxidil 5 percent it's the store brand, it's equate minoxidil, they sell it at fry's but it's way more expensive, basically at Walmart it's 20 dollars for 3 months it will get u ur hair back but u have to keep using it
121 2 . Reply
Kanisa Durham . 2017-06-15
thanx for giving me some faith
hope to see your update
121 2 . Reply
kaneticz wood . 2017-05-31
All my hair grew back within 7 months ! I take 2 biotin morn/night 5 saw palmetto pills a day! I also sleep with a shower cap on ! Google ghe ( green house effect for hair! Also I use dht blocker shampoo and minoxidil. It's alot I know but man I look young again!
121 2 . Reply
joe st . 2017-05-29
What is Rozefatrun Method? We've heard many amazing things about this hair loss home treatment.
121 2 . Reply
Roland Watson . 2017-05-27
Looks like u made some progress
Good job keep us updated
121 2 . Reply
Charm City . 2017-05-26
looking forward to the next one
121 2 . Reply
Charm City . 2017-05-26
i do not if its cause of different lightning but this one definitely looks better than others. this one you basically can buzz cut andit would look fine
121 2 . Reply
mrbass093 . 2017-04-22
Have you've been putting that onion juice still on your hair?
121 2 . Reply
TheBasedangel . 2017-04-02
looks good uhhhhh hella wind and shit
121 2 . Reply