What is "Endometriosis" and what are the "Endometriosis Symptoms" ?

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What is Endometriosis?

One of the most common health issues experienced among women, and one of the leading causes of infertility, endometriosis occurs when tissue from the endometrial lining implants itself outside the womb. Each month during the menstrual cycle, this tissue sheds just as the lining of the uterus would. Unlike the shedding which occurs from the uterus, however, there is no system in place for this tissue to then exit the body. Scar tissue and adhesions occur, leading to increased levels of pain and often also to infertility.

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Endometriosis (Disease Or Medical Condition) Infertility (Disease Or Medical Condition) Medicine (Field Of Study) Symptom

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Shameer P . 2018-12-23
Hi mam.. Thanks for your informative words.. My wife been treated for entometriosis.. But still she don't have regular periods but in (USG abdomen) ovary and tubes and all are Ok... And also she worries that after surgery it can be back... Is it true
121 2 . Reply
SultrySelket . 2018-10-24
This disease was picking off women in my family before I was born. So, from the first day of my menstrual cycle the symptoms were there in full force. I had a hysterectomy at 25, with 10mo relief before all the symptoms reappeared. I've tried everything but ended up disabled by age 36, and now in my 40's I can't do any physical activities (including light housework), or eat without physical pain before I finish a meal, and still doctors don't understand or believe my condition. I've also had rare and extreme medical conditions throughout life that I can relate to endometriosis, but some doctors can't. Strangely all of my health problems are visible in my mind's eye. Try telling a doctor that! I have found every tumor and cyst in my body because I could see it in my head. I have never had a doctor inform me of a health condition I wasn't already insisting I had, and yet I'm now being told my symptoms should be dying down because of my age and how many years it's been since my hysterectomy. I'm 45 but I've been celibate since age 32 due to painful intercourse, and the endometrial scar tissue is in my back, belly, digestive tract, hip joints, with pain being a daily, non-stop enemy. I have no quality of life, and a year ago I was taken off of pain meds due to the recent restrictions on the medical field to prescribe such medications. So, I am only on a nerve pain medication and bottles of tylenol that provide no relief. So I have become bed-ridden because even doing the dishes while sitting in a chair will put me in bed moaning for 2 to 3 days. Yet, doctors tell me I should be getting better due to my age! Really? This is where I'm at after trying all medications, treatments like acupuncture, cupping, meditation, diet, exercise, omitting this and that from my life, and having continued health problems that boggle the minds of most physicians. I'm in a bed with my pain medications being taken away and every new doctor telling me what their version of endometriosis is. When will they understand MY version of endometriosis, since I'm the one suffering and I have surgical evidence to back up my symptoms. This is a disorder that doesn't have a cure because it's still not fully understood. So lifetime suffers like me continue to suffer.
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Erin Richardson . 2018-07-22
Can you have Endometriosis without actually starting your period for the first time?
121 2 . Reply
GEMINI . 2018-07-11
You delivered this information very very well! Thank you 🙏
121 2 . Reply
Hlohlo Shale . 2018-06-08
I'm 18 and I just found out that I have this... it's painful as hell
121 2 . Reply
Ariana Milion . 2018-06-06
I know I have endometriosis.but doctors don’t listen to me.
121 2 . Reply
Melody Jordan . 2018-05-02
121 2 . Reply
Stadia Lowe . 2018-04-24
So I'm 28 not pregnant as yet ,I have a 25 day cycle my menstrual has always been on time but I go through pms before it comes depression , sore breast,fatigue,lower back pain ,nipple soreness, pelvic pain, bloating , diarrhea , 2 days before some times a day before my cycle I have to go the bathroom to urinate frequently all this happens a week before my period , on the day of my cycle I have all the pain said above times 100 with the addition of vomiting ,feet hurt,I feel hot and sweaty , the pain is really bad ,I can walk , my flow is so heavy I have to use 2 overnights at once I don't k ow of I have it I don't want to have it but my symptoms are making me feel that way
121 2 . Reply
Catherine Wangui . 2018-04-16
I went to the doctor after a sequence of painful menstruals and she prescribed visanne. Since then I have never had period again this is the third month since then, could it be endometriosis
121 2 . Reply
maria mistretta . 2018-04-07
It can also cause blowting to women of course men don't understand these things. Some male doctors do understand. People should educate themselves.
121 2 . Reply
Fiona Kahn . 2018-03-24
In loving memory to 4 women who have died from complications associated with endometriosis, and to the women who have ended their pain and suffering on their own terms RIP @kahn_fiona
121 2 . Reply
Rebecca Mary . 2018-03-02
Thank u thank u
121 2 . Reply
pheobe 123 . 2017-12-22
I am watching this video. I just feeling that this is the same condition with my friend. I am so much worried for her now. I must say she has to consult the doctor. I am showing this video to her now. I hope everything will be fine.
121 2 . Reply
Linda James . 2017-12-22
There is a direct link between endometriosis and fertility. A very informative video describing the problem of endometriosis. Very simple and basic language is used. This makes it very easily understandable for a person who is not familiar with the scientific or medical terms. All the information given in this video is verbal, it would have been better if there were some 3D videos or some simple and interactive pictures were also used. But still it is very good for people who want to know about endometriosis. It gives all the details of what is endometriosis, how it occurs and what is the treatment. This video is highly helpful to get complete knowledge of the problem in the simple possible language.
121 2 . Reply
cora bennet . 2017-12-22
Hey! This video is very informative and enhances my knowledge regarding endometriosis.Now I came to know the causes, procedure, stages of endometriosis and symptoms.In this video, i learned the laparoscopy surgery.During my treatment in biotexcom, i learned why I have multiple times abortion or miscarriages.Now I found my answer from this video.Thank you for sharing such an informative video to people.I think people should see this video and get to know how to cope with this disease.
121 2 . Reply
Nora Roberts . 2017-12-21
That was a much needed video. People need to be made aware of this painful disease. You explained the symptoms very well. Usually they are ignored as period pains. I have been suffering from endometriosis. The pain is sometimes unbearable.
121 2 . Reply
Kamala Williams . 2017-12-04
Has anyone read this book? My friend says she worked with her and was completely healed and got pregnant in one cycle. I tried it and now have no cramps or spotting between periods or pain. I contacted her to help promote this book because everyone should read it. It is a life changing and saving. She says she is also working on launching the tonic she gave my friend that speeds up healing. When I hear more, I'll let you guys know. You can find the book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Simple-Guide-Optimum-Womb-Health-ebook/dp/B0784XSHDZ/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1512420745&sr=1-1&keywords=ann+carole
121 2 . Reply
Claire Simpson . 2017-09-19
I suffered with endometriosis for years. Although the implone implant stopped my periods for just over 4 yrs to stop it getting worse. But the implant stopped working in the pains were worse than ever. My gynocolagist decided the only thing that was gonna help was to remove my ovaries n fallopian tubes. While I was on the waiting list I had zoledec injections which did help but caused other problems. My gp referred me to the fitzwilliam hospital which is private but do take several nhs. Within a month I had date for op which was yesterday 19th September. Even though I'm sore n uncomfy the swelling of my stomach which made me look nine months pregnant as gone down.
It was heartbreaking as I've unable to have children.
121 2 . Reply
Karen Wright . 2017-09-17
Thank you
121 2 . Reply
Commander cottonpaw . 2017-08-26
I was diagnosed with endometriosis at age 12 I am 13 now I have been dealing with this disease since last July because of it I missed half of middle school
121 2 . Reply
Cassidy Hickey . 2017-08-23
I was also clinically determined to have a big 4.5" ovarian cyst. My doctor had insisted that I go through surgical procedure but after hearing all the horror stories about the risks of surgeries, I made a decision to try this ovarian cyst treatment method “dowo shocking guide” (Google it). After 6 week of using this program, I was able to eliminate the pain and also shed a few pounds.
121 2 . Reply
Helen Melton . 2017-07-24
Eleven months later after having a successful surgical procedure, I had been diagnosed with 2 medium sized ovarian cysts. I was advised to have a surgical procedure again however I made a decision to fight the condition instead. By the Seventh week used this ovarian cyst treatment method “fetching homhom site” (Google it) I felt better than I felt in years. Now, Ten weeks later, the ultrasound says it all. I am finally free from my ovarian cysts.
121 2 . Reply
Cullen Ball . 2017-06-24
About last year I had been diagnosed with a 2.6" cyst and have discovered this ovarian cyst treatment “fetching homhom site” (Google it). Right after followed this program, I am very happy to say that my ovarian cyst is a thing of the past and the constant pain and worrying have ended... I also feel so alive and full of energy. It`s amazing. That`s a new start for me.
121 2 . Reply
Arisha Arisha . 2017-05-30
i m female i have da same broblem since 3 years i have three kids dr dosent diegenose my disease some one plzz help me wat 2 do
121 2 . Reply
Christina Skiles . 2017-05-28
I suffered many years with this ugly disease. Many different doctors b4 I was diagnosed. Severe pain during my cycle. So much bleeding I don't know how I stayed alive. Had surgery through large incision not laparoscopic. Because it had spread. What she didn't say was that removing endo its like someone poured a bottle of rubber glue in that area is why it has to be burned out. I was 40 at the time so was ok with having hysterectomy. And the pain an control it had over my life I wanted it to stop. So 4 days in hospital. About 6 weeks to feel better and 7 months to be completely over it. No regrets.
121 2 . Reply
Jaber Yesu . 2017-04-23
I am 32year old virgin and I have always had severe menstrual cramps since I was 13years old. Even when I am ovulating I have to be on pain meds. The pain has been worse as I advance in age that I am now on narcotics to fight the pain. I have done a lot tests and they always come out clean until recently my OBGYN advised we do a laparascopy. I am just pissed and now thinking about getting a hysterectomy. Being a virgin is not out of choice but out of a lot of factors. I suffer from most of the symptoms mentioned and now I am just at my wits end so I am thinking when I am ready to have children I shall adopt because the hysterectomy to me sounds much more appealing. I can't stand the pain and discomfort. From hormonal medicine to organic, to narcotics I am just tired. Why is a natural process so complicated and killing me softly each month!? I have reached a point where I have a phobia of my menses and perchance they come early and I do not have pain meds, I suffer from panic attacks... Please someone help me make sense of all these I am just tired of the pain and I do not even look forward to having sex or being pregnant anymore. I feel cursed and pissed off
121 2 . Reply
Natasha Chillaxing Melts, Candles Body Products . 2017-04-12
im 34 now and this is my story.
I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2006, iv had 18 miscarriages between 14wks - 18wks 😭 iv had to terminate at 20wks due to my baby had severe Gastroschesis & Diaphragmatic Hernia in may 2004 and lost idential twins, ome on Jan 2010 & The other on april 2010 which both had stopped growing and had triploidy. iv got a bicornuate Uterus to add also.
Our 2 handsome boys that were born premmie one at 30wks gestation and the other at 32wks and are healthy.
i had my tubes tied in Nov 2013 period every month varies from 4 days to 2wks and the pain feels worse then labour pains, nauseous, Fatigue, Heavy Bleeding with Large Clots incl tissue, upper leg pain, thanks to my new gynae iv been diagnosed as a category 1 which means in the next 30 days I'll be having a proceedure called Endometrial Abilation with Novasure.
iv been medically induced into menopause 1yr ago with a nasel spray called Syneral but my previous gynae stopped it (only god knows why)
iv asked for a hystetectomy for the past 6yrs from previos gynae but my new gynae dr says it wont get rid of the endometriosis.
i also have CIN3, i also sort a second opinion which has lead to new eyes noticing that i need surgery with in the next 30days. im currently taking
Endone 5mg x2 twice a day, Fentanyl Patches 50mcg = 8.75mg Per hour & changed every 3 days (not working)
Mirtazepine 45mg x2 at night for depression & Sleep,
Valium 5mg x3 at night for anxiety n ocd,
Lyrica 75mg x2 when necessary,
im also having part of my boobs removed as these new eyes have taken biopsys and comes back with breast cancer (my first gynaecologist iv had since i was 16 knew about the dark green discharge iv been having since losing our identical twins 7yrs ago but never put me on any treatment, he also never put me on treatment for the CIN3 that iv had now for 2yrs and lost my right kidney 3mths after having the colposcopy to determine i had it)
im only a strong women because i have a loving husband of 15yrs, Handsome kids to wake up to and a few close friends plus the added extra set of eyes on my side (new gynaecologist at different hospital.
i currently own a business on Facebook Making & Selling Candles, Melts, Soaps and other body products and have done for 4yrs..
i hold events every 2wks
its called Chillaxing Melts, Candles & Body Products
- helps take my mind ofc everything
- All Natural Organic Product's at affordable Prices and i sell the Safest Candles in Australia as the wax used is Ecosoya CB135 & i add extra Vit E oil to my soaps.
im in Brisbane Australia
121 2 . Reply
Athena Rose . 2017-04-01
How early can the warning signs of endo begin? I am 17 and I've always had really bad periods, but during my past two period ive experienced uti like symptoms with yellow discharge and my cramps have been so bad that ive had to go home from school. My grandmother had endo but they caught it early enough and now im wondering if i have endo
121 2 . Reply
renu sanyal . 2017-03-13
can anyone share experience is labor pain worst than endometriosis pain
121 2 . Reply
Ruby's toy reviews . 2017-02-01
I have endometriosis!
121 2 . Reply
Roiroi Vizcarra . 2017-01-23
I have endometriosis left and right ovaries . .my ob told me to undergo operation.last year she want to remove my left ovary the size of endometriosis in left ovary is 10cm. but i never came back to my ob. I'm afraid to undergo operation
121 2 . Reply
Roiroi Vizcarra . 2017-01-23
I have endometriosis too 😢
121 2 . Reply
Chinerh Guerrero . 2016-12-28
Anyone can please share Endometriosis supportive groups, Facebook or thru websites
121 2 . Reply
kaashif gul . 2016-10-01
i have blockage in my fallopian tubes how can i get pregnant wd this kind of issue
121 2 . Reply
samantha muir . 2016-08-19
As accurate as I've researched before. Stuck on bed rest today so I can work tomorrow x
121 2 . Reply
Karolina Bobrik . 2016-07-30
I loose so much Blood i become corpse white. Menstrual pain is like knife stabs twisting in tummy for about 1.5 ,sometimes with severe nausea and pain goes down the legs, i cant move.I feel extremelly weak before And after period
Could it be endométriosis ?
I cant stand my periods anymore as a uni student i literally loose my marks :'(
121 2 . Reply
Susan S . 2016-07-16
Thank you for this video... It is very informative. I am diagnosed with a 6cm chocolate cyst. I do not have painful periods. Would you suggest I get a laparoscopy? Please advise. I am very scared.
121 2 . Reply
Alma Suante . 2016-06-14
im having ds some of the list..especially intercourse then having a little blood fr how many day.don't know wat to do
121 2 . Reply
U can also make it . 2016-06-12
many women in not so advanced places dont understand .and thy laugh when i cry and roll down due to extrem pain
121 2 . Reply
RoseWasCute . 2016-06-09
not all people who have endometriosis are (cis)women. some are (trans)men and non-binary people. please be inclusive in your language. thanks.
121 2 . Reply
Blue Whirlw1nd . 2016-06-05
I have many of these symptoms. however my estrogen levels are nearly nonexistent. it's strange.
121 2 . Reply
Nutrition and Mindfulness . 2016-05-17
what connotates bad cramps? I have very painful cramps, a little nausea, lower back pain, cravings, hunger and a very heavy flow that I need to lay down. I can't get up and they are non-stop especially on the first day.
121 2 . Reply
Selma Ben . 2016-05-11
i am having endemetroises that cause me a very painful period my doctor prescribed a birth control but I am still having that pain that kills me dur ing my period ,she said that I don't need surgery cause I had fibroid taking 5 years ago and I had a c section when I had my baby I don't know what to do? any suggestions please.
121 2 . Reply
QuartyDawn . 2016-04-30
I have every symptom listed, except infertility because I never been tested so I don't know if I am or not. I've had these symptoms for the last 10 years, and haven't been able to figure out the cause of it. I've never heard of this condition until yesterday when I came across a video from lacy green on reasons for vaginal intercourse to be painful. Sex has always been painful me, I assume that maybe I was just sensitive because of my skin which is majorly sensitive. It's like having a permanent sun burn all over my body. Hurts when people touch my skin.
Would you suggest I get tested for this?
121 2 . Reply
Tona Tahirih King . 2016-04-08
During my myomectomy, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I still believe I'll have kids!! So Am going on a diet alongside supplements. Thank you ma'am for this video, it's quite an inspiration!!
121 2 . Reply
Logan E. Henry . 2016-03-24
It is possible to regain inner balance even when you have endometriosis.
121 2 . Reply
angie 27 . 2016-03-12
Thank u.
121 2 . Reply
Justina Nolan . 2016-02-12
your the best thanks for making this video my obgyn is not all that friendly
121 2 . Reply
LaLaLove TheHustle . 2016-02-03
i started my cycle at the age of 9 years old i was diagnosed with dismenoreha & ovarian cysts at 14 years old. i had to get an emergency laser surgery when i was 17 yrs old for an ovarian cyst they couldn't tell if it was a tumor or cyst because my ovary was wrapping around it the pain was so bad i thought i was dying. once they removed the cyst another one came back. i will be 21 years old in October this is a horrible disease i try not to let it control me but the pains are horrible sometimes my stomach swell up as if im pregnant. i hope they re search more and find a cure. thank you for your video it means a lot to know that people like you are educating people like me about endo. and spreading the awareness. 🙌👍
121 2 . Reply
Oρμlεɳ૮ε Pɦσεɳเא . 2016-01-27
Thank you for this video it's very informative.
121 2 . Reply